Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at Emerald Crest Centers Around Your Journey

Emerald Crest by Augustana Care is always striving to support residents and families with spiritual care that speaks to who they are. How do we make that happen?

  • We honor and respect each individual’s spiritual journey and offer the support needed to navigate difficult transitions and circumstances
  • We appreciate the diversity of faiths and traditions
  • We provide spiritual care that reduces fear and builds hope
  • We help chaplains and volunteers acquire training to enrich the quality of spiritual care
  • We partner with churches and other places of worship to strengthen our communities

At Emerald Crest, we believe it’s essential to offer worship services that are meaningful to residents who may be experiencing gaps in their memories due to conditions like Alzheimer’s. That’s why Emerald Crest chaplains worked with cognitive care specialists to create a sensory worship service that connects activities to engaging, sensory experiences.

“The structures and symbols of religion are very important for people with memory loss because they fit in with deep-seated memories,” says Augustana Care Director of Spiritual Care Alex Treitler. “It’s not uncommon that someone who seems less engaged or present will completely engage in singing a familiar hymn or praying a familiar prayer. Spiritual services can help create a bridge between the past and present.”

The sensory worship service uses recognizable symbols, hymns, choir bells and prayers and focuses on helping people make life-giving connections between mind, body and spirit, regardless of faith preferences or religion. “Services tailored to those with memory loss are about creating good moments,” says Pastor Alex. “That adds to the quality of people’s lives.”

In addition to leading sensory worship services, Emerald Crest Chaplain Letty Gamble is available to family members and friends in need of comfort, hope, and a listening ear. For those who are living through a loss, injury or illness, a skillful listener who asks the right questions can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions.

Emerald Crest residents are also visited periodically by volunteers who lead services or visit residents, and have been doing so for many years. While the needs of residents may be different, one constant at Emerald Crest remains: a longstanding commitment to the spiritual journeys of those we serve.

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The professional people that I have frequent contact with are also excellent. They of course are responsible for running the whole show and they keep me well informed of what’s going on…in a few words, I could not be more pleased.

— Robert, husband of resident