Seasons of Spiritual Care

September 20, 2016


October is the time of breezy days of colorful falling leaves and cool nights. Fresh-harvested squash and pumpkins pop up at every country roadside stand to remind us that change is upon us. Often it seems as if we just can’t keep up with the pace of time as it hurtles us from one season to another. In one of our sensory sermons, I place bright autumn leaves and tiny squash on our altar table. I also place a big round rock on it. Passing the bright leaves around, we talk about the beauty of the changing season and the rapid pass of time. With the rock, we talk about Gods unchanging love for us (cf Ps 18:2) Even as time whirls by and change is as inevitable as the seasons, Gods love is as everlasting and eternal as the rock. Be blessed with beauty and hope this autumn.

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Thank you all for making a difficult choice for us into one that was so positively memorable. We are grateful for the environment and care you gave our parents.

— Kim, daughter of resident