Dog Days of Summer

August 17, 2016


The sky etches a slivery-hot gleam on the foliage outside my window. It is 91 degrees outside, the dog days of summer. When I was a little child, I thought it was called “dog days” because the way dogs would lay unmoving even in the cool shade. These days are named thus because a star, called Sirius the dog star, rises and coincides with the greatest heat of the summer in the northern hemisphere. As autumn approaches, we look forward to the fresh sweet air of autumn and the change of color, which really signifies the coming darkness of winter. So let us remember the warmth and brightness of these days, hot though they may be. The light and warmth will remind us that Gods light and love enfold us in all seasons, even into the long winter nights. Peace and good health to you.

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I will never forget the time we returned our mother to Emerald Crest after a day of shopping. My mother wanted to stay out longer but just couldn't. We all felt sad taking her back. When we entered,  immediately two nurse's assistants enveloped my mom in a huge hug. Her face immediately had a smile and off she was to stay and talk to these beautiful assistants. My mother truly feels the wonderful love of these dedicated workers.

— Theresa, daughter of resident